Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Remi Omosebi is the pastor of TREM, Alpha House of Worship, Baltimore. She is a lover of Jesus Christ. Her teachings, borne out of her encounter with Christ is life-changing and inspire people to apply the word of God to every area of their lives. Her passion to walk with people in their journey to knowing Christ has created an environment where everyone can express themselves freely. She believes that everything is subject to the authority of the word of God.

She is ably supported by her husband, Adeola Omosebi and they have been serving God in TREM for more than 26 years.

Adeola Omosebi is filled with a unique spirit of wisdom and compassion. Together, they are spreading the good news of the kingdom and working joyfully to bring souls into the kingdom. Many have found truth and freedom in Jesus through their ministry.

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