The Role of Prayer in Our Lives

The Role of Prayer in Our Lives

All genuine seeking to communicate with God is praying that every single one of us does this regardless of what our religion is and what we believe in.

That said, as a Christian dedicated to following a life in His Glory, praying must be integral to the life you’re living. After all, praying is the ultimate and intimate communication with God.

This is something we have always emphasized the need for in our mission as a religious organization in Towson, Maryland at The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM).

Here are the most important reasons for putting praying on your daily to-do list.

  • Prayer draws us to God
    Praying is the most useful tool we have to get closer to Him. This helps us know His heart and, in the process, understand ourselves better and make us more faithful Christians.
  • Prayer transforms us
    Praying is not a way to change His perception of us, He is more powerful than this simplicity. What prayer does is transform us to be more like Him. With Him at the center of our lives, we begin to detach from the self-centered lives we are living and focus on our mission to share His Word.
  • Prayer protects us
    Praying strengthens us and protects us from the tribulations and temptations of every day. It gives us the will and the assurance that He is with us as we carry on our mission in our religious congregation in Maryland at TREM and within our own homes.

We hope these insights better your praying practice. If you would like to know more about how you can strengthen your faith and grow in His Word, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our nonprofit organization and congregation today. Our doors are always welcome for you.

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