Prayer: What Makes It Powerful

Prayer: What Makes It Powerful

Whether you agree with this or not, prayer is easier said than done. When was the last time you prayed? Perhaps, it’s been a while now. Due to our busy schedules at work or school, prayer is often overlooked. And sometimes, sadly, we even forget to say Grace before we eat our food. But did you know? Prayer is crucial in our everyday lives. Even a short, sincere prayer can do so many wonders. Thus, as a religious organization in Towson, Maryland, we urge people to pray for a better tomorrow.

TREM, a nonprofit organization, always believes in the power of prayer. Keep in mind that it is vital to put your heart and mind with the Lord’s will, and your prayers are certainly be acknowledged.

But have you ever wondered why it is so powerful that it can change people’s lives? To give you an idea, here are the reasons you need to know, that even our religious congregation in Maryland is all united in prayer.

Prayer is powerful because it:

  • Is an act of obedience to God
  • Is direct communication between you and God
  • Is how we evangelize and share the word of God
  • Keeps in the will of God
  • Draws you closer to God

If you have a prayer request, The Redeemed Evangelical Mission can help you. Send us your prayer request today.

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